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Hair Styling

Puja Pandey is known for her magical hands that can create the most extraordinary looks with hair styling. Let it be your wedding or any big occasion she’ll give you a unique hair style which will make you centre of attention.

Her exceptionally great skills and techniques will make you shimmer.

Normal Hair Styling

Open Hair Style, Normal Braid Styling, Water Fall Hair Style etc.

Rs. 1500 - 2500

advance hair styling

Advance Mermaid Braid, Fishtail Braid, Masse Bun, Prom Hair Styling, Fantasy Hair Styling etc.

Rs. 2500 - 4500

Creative hairstyling

Princeton Braid , Big Rose Bun, Chic Finger Hair Styling, Arabic Hair Styling etc.

Rs. 5000 - 8000

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Puja Pandey


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